Justice & Mercy Amazon

JMA - Kelly Minter
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No place on earth has moved me like the mighty Amazon River and her people. I took my first trip down her glorious waters on a double-decker, wooden hammock boat six years ago and I’ve never been the same. (Not only because I spotted my first pink dolphin, caught and ate a piranha or saw five parrots cut across the sky in a perfect “V”.) Did you know that hundreds of thousands of men, women and children live along her banks? Most of them are hidden and unseen. But, thankfully, not forgotten.

Justice and Mercy Amazon brings the good news of Jesus to those living in hopelessness. They offer tangible help like clean water, education, medical help, a jungle pastors’ conference, kids’ camps, along with the reminder that the God who sent His Son for the whole earth, sees and loves them individually. I am proud to partner with Justice and Mercy Amazon as we seek to bring the light of God’s love to some of the remotest parts of the earth. Will you join me in this mission?

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