The Living Room

The Living Room Series developed in, well, my living room with a group of five girls, Ali, Lauri, Anadara, Carrie and me. We had the desire to study and mine the depths of Scripture but wanted to do so in an environment that promoted honest and genuine exchange. We also wanted to eat together because we love food—and eating with each other is in the Bible.

We discovered that cooking together, sharing recipes, and lingering around one another’s table set the tone for the deeper things God wanted to do in our lives. This original group of five women walked through the first three installments of the The Living Room Series—No Other Gods, Ruth and Nehemiah—and I will forever be indebted to them for their friendship and insight. (We called ourselves “The NOGs” based on the first letter of each title word in No Other Gods. Crazy, I know.)

Before I knew it, children were being birthed, Ali had moved clear across the country and Carrie, clear across town. So when it came time to write What Love Is: The Letters of 1, 2 & 3 John, I taught the study to a group from my home church. Yes, in my living room.

Whether your group is small enough to meet around your dining room table or in a quiet nook at the local coffee shop, or large enough take up your church’s entire fellowship hall, we pray that these studies can facilitate an intimate time together in the Word with each other, and most importantly with your Heavenly Father who desires to meet with you wherever and whenever.

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