Nehemiah Leader Kit



  • 7 Session Bible Study Book with recipes and leader helps
  • DVDs for 7 group sessions averaging 20 minutes in length and including short interviews with people living out what God has put in their hearts to do

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Nehemiah Bible Study Leader Kit – A Heart That Can Break

Nehemiah had to have a heart that could break so he could restore a wall that was broken. In this 7 session Bible study, Nehemiah’s heart for the oppressed, suffering and poor is a beacon of light that shines on the call of the church to be the hands and feet of Jesus. This study also addresses teamwork, integrity, generosity, truth in culture, God’s compassion, and much more.

Like Kelly’s other studies in the Living Room Series, you’ll find authentic Bible teaching, recipes, and a relational approach. Similarly Nehemiah includes 7 video sessions and compelling interviews that will help you put feet to your faith. Discover what God has put in your heart to do through the study of His Word. Let God break your heart for the lost and hurting, because a breaking heart is often what God uses to restore the broken.

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Nehemiah Bible Study Leader Kit Session Run Times:

  • 1 – 22:10
  • 2 –  20:24
  • 3 –  20:07
  • 4 –  21:31
  • 5 – 19:23
  • 6 – 18:21
  • 7 – 13:37

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