The Fitting Room


Kelly Minter explores what it means—in real life—to “clothe” ourselves (Col. 3:12) in Christian virtues like forgiveness, joy, patience, compassion, and more.



The Fitting Room

Colossians 3:12 tells us to “clothe” ourselves in Christian virtues like forgiveness, joy, patience, compassion. But how does that work in real life? Can we really “dress up” in the character of Christ? Kelly Minter says yes—if we let the Master Designer do the fitting. This relatable book offers insightful Scripture study with real-life stories. Kelly also shares simple, down-to-earth explanations of tricky concepts such as justification and sanctification—stitching it all together with humor and honesty. There are no gimmicks, no guilt trips. As a result this is irresistible invitation for women to enjoy a spiritual makeover. Put on a life that’s personally tailored by the One who knows and loves you best.



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