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Author, Speaker, and Musician
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Imagine how your life might change if you followed Jesus up that Galilean hillside, hearing His most famous Sermon for yourself as you sat in the tall grass. Imagine how the world might change if you followed Him down the mountain, reaching your arms out as He did to a harvest field desperate for His touch.
With accessible, warm, and down-to-earth writing, you don’t have to imagine these things, for beloved author and Bible teacher Kelly Minter brings to life the teachings and healings of Jesus in vivid color. 

Looking back, I can see a spotty trail of lily pads that stretched between the riverbank of loneliness on one side and that of new and dear friendships on the other. Those lily pads were people or groups of people. Most of them unassuming Christ-followers who loved me in ordinary yet potent ways.

Bible Studies & Books

Whether you want a just-for-you study or a living-room-full-of-women study, there’s something to fit your need. (Plus teaching videos and recipes!) In addition to Bible studies, read Kelly’s stories about her adventure down a river teeming with piranhas, a beautiful people, and, especially, God’s presence.



Did you know Kelly began her career as a musician? Before teaching God’s Word through speaking engagements and Bible studies, she made a living strumming her guitar, collaborating on cowrites, and singing songs about The Lord. Listen to her best-selling Hymns & Hallelujahs here.


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Lily Pads in Loneliness

Lily Pads in Loneliness

I remember loneliness well. It settled in like a long fog. Everywhere I moved, it was there. I had lost my tightly knit community for varying reasons—in the end, it was for one reason in particular: my friends and I were moving in opposite directions. The eventual...

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Some Brief Thoughts On Singleness

Some Brief Thoughts On Singleness

One of the prayers I have been praying this summer is that the Lord would show me the specific needs of those in our culture. I think I know them but I don’t want to assume. I don’t want to bring only what suits me. I want to offer what the Lord has told me to. Since...

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How Hospitality Can Be Your Lifestyle

How Hospitality Can Be Your Lifestyle

I just returned from ten days in Italy. Before you begin writhing with jealousy, let me put an abrupt stop to that. I was working a week of day camp with a team from Justice & Mercy International. We lovingly herded twenty-nine children for ten hours a day. I...

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