Kelly Minter presents:

“A cookbook focused on building community around fresh food, a welcoming atmosphere, and an open seat at the table.”


Kelly’s lifelong love for cooking and gardening paired with her many travels to the Amazon with chef Regina Pinto has resulted in rich spiritual and culinary experiences that will inspire your cooking and gatherings.

More than an ordinary cookbook, A Place at the Table offers readers a chance to not only approach mealtimes with accessible recipes from a renowned chef, but also hear heartwarming, personal stories from Kelly and enjoy some spiritual encouragement too.

This cookbook offers a delicious selection of both well-known and novel dishes, including personal favorites from Kelly and Regina utilizing fresh, whole or homegrown seasonal ingredients. As a bonus, there is supplemental material throughout, where the reader can hear more from Kelly and Regina about broths, seasonal drinks, canning, décor, growing herbs, and more.


Kelly Minter is passionate about teaching the Bible. When she’s not singing, writing, or speaking, you can find her picking homegrown vegetables, enjoying her six nieces and nephews or riding a boat along the Amazon river with Justice & Mercy International. A Southern transplant, she delights in college football, long walks, and a diner mug of coffee with her closest friends.


A self-taught chef who learned the basics of cooking from her grandmother and mother in Brazil, Regina has traveled through the US and UK, merging the flavors of her childhood with each new destination. She is a chocolatier and pastry chef, and the former owner of the Blushing Berry in Tennessee, where she created truffles and desserts for some of Nashville’s most famous brands, including Arrington Vineyards, Belle Meade, and the Hermitage Hotel. She thinks of cooking as a way to express her love for others and finds the greatest joy in seeing people delight in her dishes, especially her family. Regina is active with Justice and Mercy International in the Amazon.

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