Episode 4: When People Aren’t Enough

Have you ever thought, if only this person would change I’d finally be happy? Or if this person would choose me I’d be fulfilled? Sharing one of the more personal chapters of her story, Kelly will help us recognize idolatry in our own lives. Especially when it comes to the false gods of people. We’ll look at the lives of Rachel and Leah (Genesis 29-30) who had both made false gods out of people. Things like comparison, jealousy, anger, and manipulation had gotten the best of them. As a result, they often missed the pursuit and blessing of God in their lives.

Episode 3: Trusting Jesus With Everything

Perhaps you’ve wondered how you can have a relationship with Jesus so intimate that you trust Him with all you hold dear. Today, we’ll trace Mary of Bethany’s story through the Gospels. She was the one who anointed Jesus’s body before His burial. She’s also the one who sat at His feet while her sister Martha worked in the kitchen. And she’s the one who lost her brother Lazarus when Jesus could have saved him.

Episode 2: Miracles In The Mundane

We’re so glad you’re back for another episode of the Cultivate Podcast with Kelly Minter. Continuing to work our way down Kelly’s “Top Hits” of her favorite Scripture passages, today we’re getting dressed up and going to a wedding! Many of you are familiar with the story of Jesus turning water into wine, but Kelly will bring your attention to some overlooked characters who play a vital role in this joyous occasion. (No spoilers, though.)

Episode 1: When God Turns Pain Into Blessing (Life of Hannah)

Welcome to our very first episode of the Cultivate Podcast, with Bible teacher and author Kelly Minter! We’re starting off the first few episodes with a highlight reel, of sorts. Think of it as Kelly’s Top Hits when it comes to narratives in Scripture, and how God has used these characters in His Word to teach her clear truths about her own life.

Episode 0: Trailer

The Cultivate Podcast is all about deepening your understanding of Scripture for a deeper love of Jesus. We live in a crazy busy culture that makes it hard to prioritize Bible study. Not to mention, for many of us the Bible can be plain confusing or intimidating. That’s why we’re so excited about this podcast, we’ll get to study God’s Word together.  

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Meet Kelly

Well, hey there!  I’m glad you’re here and thrilled to tell you a bit about The Cultivate Podcast. I love the Bible and I love teaching it in relational environments. Enter a podcast where you and I get to study Scripture together, no matter where you are on your faith journey. I hope you’ll come along. Also, if you’d like to go deeper, my latest Bible study is called Finding God Faithful: A Study on the Life of Joseph. I also work closely with Justice & Mercy International in the Amazon jungles of Brazil as well as in Moldova. When I’m not writing, traveling or speaking I love time in my garden, cooking, and being with friends and family.

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