Are the All Things New Adult and Teen studies designed to be used together? Do the teens watch the same videos? How should I structure an age-diverse Bible study?

The women’s and teen girls’ study follow the same portions of 2 Corinthians from week to week and have most of the same points. The teen girls’ study is shorter and has more age appropriate interactive portions. The women’s study will take women deeper into Scripture and speak to a more mature group.
The video is not required for the girls’ study. Each church needs to evaluate if they they think their girls participating in the study would want to watch the 30-35 minutes of video teaching.
If you are teaching a women’s and girls’ group combined, we would recommend having everyone meet in an age-appropriate way. They could watch the videos together and then break into small groups (women or girls) to discuss the video and the homework.
All Things New wasn’t designed to have both women and girls meeting together, but it would be worth trying. If the girls became disinterested in the video teaching after trying a week or so, you could have them break into their smaller group and skip the video portion for the following weeks.
Each study guide has its own Leader Guide printed in the back of the study book. The Adult guide (pages 212-216) and Teen guide (pages 152-156) have different content that is relevant to the different age groups and age-appropriate content.

I can’t seem to find the videos mentioned in the Ruth Study. Where can I watch those?

Simply click the links below to view, or visit the Ruth study book page by clicking HERE, and scroll down to the “Free Downloads” section. (where you’ll find some other free goodies beyond just the videos!)

Unfortunately, the Ruth videos are available only as free downloads and are not available on DVD.

I can’t seem to find the leader guide for All Things New (Adult & Teen), What Love Is, Nehemiah, No Other Gods, Ruth, or Hannah’s One Wish. How can I purchase a leader book?

The leader guide/questions for each of Kelly’s Bible study curriculums are printed in the back of the member study books instead of having a separate printed guide.  Please see page numbers below for reference:

*All Things New: A Study on 2 Corinthians – “Leader Guide” pages 212-216

*All Things New: A Study on 2 Corinthians for Teen Girls – “Leader Guide” pages 152-156

*What Love Is: The Letters of 1, 2, 3 John – “Leader Guide” pages 185-187

*Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break— “Leader Guide”  pages 166-170

*Ruth: Loss, Love & Legacy — “Leader Guide” pages 166-172

*No Other Gods: Confronting Our Modern-Day Idols— “Leader Guide” pages 184-192

*Hannah’s One Wish— “Leader Helps” pages 99-120

How should I structure my video-driven study?

The study is intended to flow as follows: Women arrive at the first group meeting without having completed any homework, since many women will receive their study member book at the first meeting. Show the Intro video at the first meeting, then have group members complete week one at home. The second meeting, show the “Fellowship” video (video 2), then complete homework, etc.
As far as actual group time goes, we leave it up to each individual group to decide whether they want to discuss the previous week’s homework, then watch the video, then discuss the video, or swap it all around…. Different groups have different amounts of time available to meet together, so we encourage you to structure your group meetings however it best works for your group.

Which of Kelly’s Bible studies include video sessions?

At this time, video sessions are only available for No Other Gods – Revised,  All Things New: A Study on 2 Corinthians, What Love Is: The Letters of 1, 2, 3 John and Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break.

You can purchase a DVD leader kit from our online store or you can download the individual sessions for personal use from LifeWay.com.  See links below to purchase items!
All Things New DVD Leader Kit (includes video sessions on DVDs) from KellyMinter.com
All Things New Downloadable sessions (personal use only) from LifeWay.com
What Love Is DVD Leader Kit (includes video sessions on DVDs) from KellyMinter.com
What Love Is Downloadable sessions (personal use only) from LifeWay.com
Nehemiah DVD Leader Kit (includes video sessions on DVDs) from KellyMinter.com
Nehemiah Downloadable sessions (personal use only) from LifeWay.com

In several of her studies, Kelly refers to the “Nogs.” Who/What are the Nogs?

When Kelly wrote her first Bible study, “No Other Gods,” several friends walked through the material with Kelly as she wrote. These girls went on to support Kelly in her writing of the Ruth and Nehemiah studies as well. However, they became known as simply the “NOGs,” based off the first letter of each word in the title of “No Other Gods,” the study that brought them together in the first place.

I love the music used in Kelly’s All Things New and Nehemiah DVD series! How can I purchase that music?

The All Things New DVD series features several live performances of songs from Kelly’s Hymns and Hallelujahs record available for purchase on iTunes, LifeWay stores, LifeWay.com or HERE on her online store!
The theme song for the Nehemiah DVD series is called “Heart of My God” and was recorded by Kelly.  It is available for purchase on iTunes. Other background music from the series features songs from Kelly’s Loss, Love & Legacy CD available for purchase here or Andrew Greer’s album Angel Band: The Hymn Sessions available on his website.

The website address in the No Other Gods Bible Study don’t seem to work, and I can’t find the songs on the website.

The publisher changed the website recently so some of the information in the No Other Gods study no longer lines up with what’s on the website. All of the songs mentioned in the study can be found on iTunes. We are trying hard to remedy this discrepancy and it should be corrected in the next reprint.

How do I put in a request for Kelly to speak at an event in my city?

Please fill out the information on the booking inquiry form available on the contact page of this website.

Will Kelly be speaking in my city this year?

You can view her calendar here. Events are added frequently, so keep checking back to see when Kelly will be coming to your area!

What is Kelly’s official mission statement or statement of faith?

Please read Kelly’s official statement below:
“I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that by Him we are saved. I believe He is the only means to salvation. I believe that the Scriptures are inerrant and that they are God’s word to mankind. {2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:21.} The desire of my ministry is to exalt God and His word to us through the teaching of Scripture, worship and prayer. My passion is to see the lives of women touched, healed and restored by the power of Jesus Christ.”
– Kelly Minter

What translation of the Bible does Kelly use/recommend?

Kelly primarily uses the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) and also recommends the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB). Some of Kelly’s earlier studies also pull from the New International Version – 1984 (NIV 1984). If you have further specific questions about which Bible translation is used in a particular study, that information always appears on the copyright page (typically page 2 of the study.)

I purchased products from Kelly’s online store. How will that appear on my credit card statement?

Charges for items purchased from Kelly’s online store will appear on your credit card bill as “WWW.KELLYMINTER.COM”

Are payments taken through your web store secure?

All payments processed on our site are made through Stripe which provides several levels of security to the payments that they process. For more questions about how they approach security, please visit their website at https://stripe.com/help/security

Where can I find other music by Kelly Minter in addition to the three albums available on your web store?

Kelly’s albums “Introducing Kelly Minter – EP” and “Wrestling the Angels” can be found on iTunes by searching for Kelly Minter. Also, Kelly’s latest album “Hymns & Hallelujahs” can be purchased at any of her live events.

I really enjoyed one of Kelly’s songs and would like to perform it myself. Is there sheet music/accompaniment track available for any of her music?

Unfortunately we do not have any sheet music or accompaniment tracks available for any of Kelly’s music.

Do you have large print or close-captioned resources available?

Unfortunately, the DVD and download teaching videos are not closed captioned or subtitled, and printed transcripts of the talks do not exist.
We are not able to provide large print editions of Kelly’s books or studies but recommend that those needing larger print consider an electronic edition as many E-readers allow you to adjust the size of the font.

Do you have resources available in languages other than English?

Kelly’s tradebook No Other Gods is available in Spanish. Unfortunately, we do not have this product in stock.

Are any of Kelly’s books available for Kindle or other e-readers?

Several of Kelly’s books and studies are available in electronic editions. iBooks editions are available through iTunes. LifeWayReader editions are available by visiting www.Lifeway.com and searching for the book title.

  • “What Love Is” Study Member Book available in LifeWayReader & iBooks editions.
  • “Nehemiah” Study Member Book available in LifeWayReader & iBooks editions.
  • “Ruth” Study Member Book available in LifeWayReader & iBooks editions.
  • “No Other Gods” tradebook available in LifeWayReader, Kindle & iBooks editions.
  • “No Other Gods” Study Member Book available inLifeWayReader & iBooks editions.
  • “Wherever The River Runs” available in LifeWayReader, Kindle & iBooks editions.
  • “The Fitting Room” available in LifeWayReader, Kindle & iBooks editions.
  • “Hannah’s One Wish” (teen) Study Member Book available in LifeWayReader & iBooks editions.
I have written a book/song/blog. Can Kelly endorse it/record it/promote it for me?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of requests and copyright constraints, Kelly is not able to receive manuscripts or lyrics to endorse, record/publish or edit. However, here is a word of encouragement from Kelly.
“I’m so glad you are writing books, songs and studies. We can’t have enough artists in our culture who create beautifully and brilliantly, who tell the story of Jesus through their craft. I understand how natural it is to want what you write and compose to be heard or read by an actual audience. I also have no doubt that the passion you have to create is one God wants to refine and use for His purposes and also for your joy. Sometimes publishing is part of this equation, sometimes not. I worked a number of years on various projects before anything was published, and none of that time was lost. God used every step along the way to not only use me in the moment, but also to prepare me for whatever audience He intended me to serve in the future, whether it be through published or unpublished work.
If you are interested in writing books or Bible studies, singing or worship leading, I encourage you to first consider your Target Audience. Who has God placed on your heart to serve? Second, I would pray about ways you can bless that audience through your gifts, whether teaching a bible study at your church, facilitating a small group, or leading worship at a local event. This may seem like simple advice, but this was the path I followed and it is the one I still follow: Everyday faithfulness to God and His people is what I long for, big or small, seen or unseen.
Many practical books exist about getting your work “out there” or “how to get discovered” written by true experts on the subject. Since I am not one of these I can only speak to how God has led me on this journey of teaching, writing and singing. I’m increasingly convinced that while publishing and recording contracts can be great helps at getting a message to the masses, they are not the only effective ways to serve. Far from it. Keep doing what you’re doing and ask yourself the question I have to continually ask myself: Who/What am I trying to promote? If your own stuff and agendas are corroding the mix, ask God to give you a selfless passion for His people and His renown. Keep working at your craft, use your craft to serve others, cast your seed and see what grows, and leave the outcome to God. His plans are so much better for you than any publisher or contract on earth. And I actually believe this.”

My group is studying “All Things New” and there seems to be two different versions of the book. What’s the difference?

There are two slightly different versions of the “All Things New” study book. The content is exactly the same in both versions, but the second printing includes additional graphic design elements that were not present in the original printing of the book. Be encouraged that your group is studying the same material, no matter what version they have!