When God Turns Pain Into Blessing (Life of Hannah)

Episode 1 | March 23, 2021

Episode 1

“It’s in our year after year pain, that the God we’ve known from a distance becomes our Lord Almighty.”

Today’s Episode

Welcome to our very first episode of the Cultivate Podcast, with Bible teacher and author Kelly Minter! We’re starting off the first few episodes with a highlight reel, of sorts. Think of it as Kelly’s Top Hits when it comes to narratives in Scripture, and how God has used these characters in His Word to teach her clear truths about her own life.

Today Kelly is talking about the Lord’s faithfulness to turn pains that inflict us year after year into blessings that call us to praise Him year after year. How do we respond to people who intentionally harm and provoke us? How are we supposed to worship God in the midst of heartbreaking pain? Where does prayer fit in when God seems to be the one behind our pain? Hannah’s story in 1 Samuel is a powerful picture of this redemption and comfort that God offers us. Join us for this honest and relatable study of how the Lord hears our deepest cries and our most desperate prayers.

Scripture References 

1 Samuel 1:4-8, 10-11, 15-20

1 Samuel 2:18-19

1 Samuel 2:1-10 for further reading

Deut 12:1-14 (background on the festival Hannah and Elkanah were part of.) 

1 Sam 2:1-10 

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