Jesus Heals The Outcasts

Episode 11 | June 1, 2021

Episode 11

Today’s Episode

If you’ve ever wondered what God is like, look no further than Jesus. And if you’ve wondered what Jesus is like, His compassion for the sick, forgotten, and outsider reveals His unmatched heart of love and kindness for people like you and me. Join me as we begin a brand new collection of messages called Jesus Changes Everything! We’ll be looking specifically at His healings and miracles. Today we’ll dive into the Gospel of Matthew where Jesus demonstrates not only His ability but His willingness to heal both a leper and a Roman centurion’s servant. We’ll be encouraged by Jesus’ power and compassion as we watch Him break down religious and social barriers to bring His “contagious holiness.” 

Don’t miss the first of this new collection of messages from Matthew 8-9! In the next several episodes, we will see 10 miracles of Jesus at work and the specific way that Matthew groups these stories together to illustrate the characteristics and life of Jesus.

Scripture References

  • Matthew 8:1-13
  • Matthew 4:23, 9:35

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