Jesus’ Power To Heal And Forgive

Episode 13 | June 15, 2021

Episode 13

Today’s Episode

It’s easy to settle into patterns of darkness and dysfunction without even realizing it. This is what had happened in a Gentile region on the other side of the lake of Galilee. When Jesus brought His light and healing to the town, the people didn’t want the disruption of change. Perhaps you know the feeling. On the other side of the lake, Jesus responded to the faith of a group of friends. Have you ever considered how much your faith in Christ affects the people around you? It’s the third week of our Jesus Changes Everything collection in Matthew 8-9!

In this episode we’ll see Jesus bring peace to two oppressed individuals, as well as heal a paralyzed man both physically and spiritually. Truly we’ll see the goodness and power of Jesus’ Kingdom coming on earth! Join me on this journey as we learn more about the healings and miracles of Jesus in this collection of episodes called Jesus Changes Everything

Scripture References

  • Matthew 8:28-34
  • Matthew 9:1-8

Main Points

  1. Sometimes we are more comfortable with brokenness and dysfunction than we are with the healing Jesus brings us.
  2. Our faith affects other people.
  3. Forgiveness of sins may not always be our greatest want, but it has always been our greatest need.

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