Finding Your True Fulfillment

Episode 15 | June 29, 2021

Episode 15

Today’s Episode

Finding fulfillment and joy in life can be hard to come by. I struggled with this for the longest time, looking to be satisfied by my pursuits, pleasures, possessions… But my greatest fulfillment came when I followed Jesus into what He refers to as His harvest field. It’s a metaphor Jesus uses to describe serving and loving people in His Kingdom. You have a unique place in God’s mission to this world! And accomplishing His call on your life is where the joy and fulfillment comes! 

In this episode, we’ll also see that when our circumstances are the darkest we can sometimes see Jesus with the greatest clarity. I share a lot of my own personal experiences in our last episodes of the Jesus Changes Everything collection! So Join us today and invite your friends to listen along.  

Scripture References

  • Matthew 9:27-38
  • Matthew 1:1
  • 2 Samuel 7
  • Hebrews 11:6
  • Matthew 4:23

Main Points

  1. When our circumstances are the darkest we often see Jesus with the greatest clarity.
  2. We don’t have a harvest problem; we have a worker problem.
  3. There is no joy like that of a harvester in God’s harvest field.

Stuff We Think You’ll Like

  • Quote from Scott McKnight – “When you begin to talk about the life of Jesus and you begin to talk about who Jesus is and what He does, lives change.”
  • Quote from Tim Mackey – “Notice that the religious leaders who have physical eyesight are spiritually blind and do not see Jesus as the Son of David, but it is the physically blind who have spiritual eyes to see Jesus as the Son of David.”
  • Quote from Craig Blomberg – “Praiseworthy faith does not doubt God’s ability to act, but it does not presume to know how God will choose to act.”
  • Quote from Stanley Hauerwas – “The mission of the church has begun. The disciples’ prayer is answered, and the answer turns out to be them.”

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