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Episode 21 | August 10, 2021

Episode 21

Today’s Episode

Have you ever asked the question, “How in the world did we get here?” Whether the circumstances are good or bad, often the answer is little by little. We’re in our final episode in the book of Nehemiah and its end is perplexing (but oddly hopeful). The people of Judah aren’t in the best spot, especially given their previous accomplishments under Nehemiah. But despite its awkward ending, we’ll discover a hopeful future to which all this frustration was pointing! 

This is a really practical week as we explore four areas that the people of Israel let slide—areas we want to pay attention to in our own lives. And, ultimately, we’ll be looking at the hope of a new heart and new way of life that Jesus lives to bring us. 

Scripture References

Nehemiah 10:39, 13:11

Nehemiah 13:4-16, 26

Ezekiel 26:36

Romans 8:1-4

Main Points

  1. We cannot compromise with sin. Giving even a small room to the enemy can lead to destruction.
  2. We can’t expect God’s blessing when we neglect supporting our godly ministers and leaders.
  3. When business and profits, even our ministries, are more important than celebrating the Sabbath our spiritual lives suffer. 
  4. Trusting our desires over God’s Word may feel good but it will never produce what is good.
  5. Trying harder can’t ultimately change us. Only through Jesus Christ do we receive a new heart and a new spirit.

“What God’s covenant people truly needed wasn’t just a new temple building or a new city wall. They needed new hearts that could truly respond to God’s love and grace with grateful devotion.”

– Tim Mackie from The Bible Project

How Do We Cultivate This In Our Lives?

  • Have you given a room, even just a closet, to the enemy? We can’t compartmentalize when it comes to sin.
  • Are you supporting your pastors, leaders, and ministers? This may be through giving or time spent? Who has God put in your life who you can bless?
  • Do you need to reestablish a true Sabbath?
  • Are you letting your desires lead you or is Jesus Christ leading you?
  • Is religion exhausting or have you asked Jesus for a new heart? 

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