Your Fruitfulness Is Based On God’s Faithfulness

Episode 28 | September 29, 2021

Episode 28

Today’s Episode

Sometimes we feel like our less-than-perfect pasts disqualify us from being used by God. Or, we want our lives to have impact and meaning but we wonder how and when God is going to produce fruit in our lives. Perhaps we remember when God spoke a promise to us through His Word, but we haven’t seen it come to pass yet. I can’t wait for today’s episode as we trace through Genesis God’s promise for our lives to bear fruit. We’re going to discover that while we get to participate with God, having a life of impact and meaning is something He’s responsible for! 

So often in the Old Testament men and women felt like God had forgotten them or their lives didn’t matter. They tried to “help” God fulfill His promises to them, like Abraham and Sarah did. We’re going to see that no matter what, our fruitfulness is based on God’s faithfulness. And how resting in that truth makes all the difference. 

Scripture References

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  1. It was God’s intent from the beginning that you bear fruit
  2. Fruit will always find a way in the soil of obedience
  3. God’s fruit can only be borne God’s way
  4. Bearing fruit is a process, and processes take time
  5. God’s fruit in our lives does not depend on a past of perfect choices
  6. Our fruitfulness is based on God’s faithfulness

How do we Cultivate this in our lives? 

  • Be obedient like Noah. God wants to plant in the soil of obedience.
  • Look for God’s fruit, not your fruit
  • Be patient—fruit-bearing is a process and processes take time.
  • Reframe your thinking—it’s not about a past of perfect choices, rather it’s about God’s faithfulness.
  • Rest in God’s ability to bear fruit in your life.

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