For Such A Time As This (Lessons from Esther)

Episode 29 | October 5, 2021

Episode 29

Today’s Episode

We often wonder if our lives have a specific purpose in our specific place and time. Does God want to use our positions, backgrounds, giftings, personalities… for such a time as the one we’re living in? In this week’s episode, we’ll look at the life of Esther, a woman whom God providentially used to save an entire population of Jews. God used her heritage, upbringing, relationships, and position to bring this to pass. But, mostly, I believe that God used Esther’s trust in Him to bring deliverance however He saw fit. 

We’ll talk about facing our fears, how to determine if something is God’s will, executing plans within community, and trusting the sovereignty of God. You don’t want to miss this episode! 

Scripture References

Esther 4:13-17

Esther 5:1-3, 7-9

Esther 7:3


  1. Esther knew enough about God’s general will to make a specific plan
  2. God opened a door for Esther but not before she walked up to it
  3. Esther was prayerful and patient

How do we Cultivate this in our lives? 

  • Make a plan that seeks to accomplish God’s revealed will in Scripture
  • We make plans for the things we care about and believe in, so be encouraged to make plans for the things that God tells us matter. 
  • Execute your plans within community, along with prayer, fasting, and accountability.
  • Trust God and His sovereignty with the results. 

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