Encountering God: The Spiritual Discipline of Prayer

Episode 31 | October 19, 2021

Episode 31

Today’s Episode

Prayer is one of the most needed practices in our lives, but how often do we get distracted when we pray, or give up hope when we don’t feel like God is answering? We have so many questions about prayer—does God really hear us, is He good, and how do we know if we’re praying God’s will? Also, how do we pray when we’re absolutely heartbroken? 

Dr. Knut Heim and I touch on these important questions in this week’s podcast. Dr. Heim is one of my seminary professors at Denver Seminary and, oh my goodness, does he bring an absolute word for us this week! If you’re discouraged, wondering if God hears your prayers, or trying to figure out how to make prayer part of your daily rhythm, do not miss this episode!!!! 

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Scripture References

Matthew 7:7-11

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