Episode 42:  Sermon on the Mount: Countercultural Blessings

Episode 42 | January 3, 2022

Episode 42

Today’s Episode

As we begin a new series in the New Year, I’m excited to focus on Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount in this new four-part series. We’re starting with the Beatitudes where Jesus gives descriptions of what it looks like to flourish and thrive in this life because of the arrival of His kingdom. He gives us an entirely new way to live! And it’s inherently countercultural to what our world defines as blessing. 

The message of the Beatitudes is not reserved for those who have every materialistic luxury. In fact, Jesus initially taught this message to a group of people who were historically oppressed and marginalized. And the Beatitudes are not a to-do list for Christians, but instead a definition of Christ followers and how they walk in the newness of Christ’s kingdom. It’s a declaration–when you find yourself in these conditions and you’re a follower of Christ, you are blessed.

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Scripture References

  • Matthew 5: 1-2
  • Matthew 5: 3-12
  • Psalm 145:15

How do we Cultivate this in our Lives?

  • Spend time reading through Matthew 5:1-12. Journal and sit with the Lord, asking him to speak with you. Put yourself on the side of the Sea of Galilee and take in His words.  

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