Surrendering Your Holiday Expectations

Episode 49 | December 6, 2022

Episode 49

Today’s Episode

It’s Christmastime, and we all have expectations this season. Some are material—what gifts are we going to receive? What experiences are we going to have? Some are relational—will we finally get engaged? Will the grandbabies be visiting? 

Expectations are fine as long as we manage them instead of letting them manage us. If we’re not careful, unmet expectations can turn us into people we don’t want to be. Who do you want to be during the holidays?

In this episode, two women–Elizabeth and Mary–are going to give us an incredible, real-life, non-sugar-coated example of who we can be this holiday season. We find them in Luke chapter 1, right before the first Christmas. At their meeting, we see their mutual joy in being in each other’s presence because of God’s work in their lives. These women show us it’s a gift to be in community without jealousy, to bless other people with our words and welcome them into our hearts. 

When we remember Christmas isn’t about us, we find enduring joy. There’s nothing better than going into this season with Jesus as Savior and Lord of our lives. It exceeds any and all of our expectations.

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Scripture References
Luke 1:39-45

How Do We Cultivate This in Our Lives?

  1. Seek out genuine community this season. This is a great time to help the younger and ask advice and wisdom from the older.
  2. Don’t give jealousy a seat at your table. When you accept God’s purpose for you and presence with you, jealousy can’t survive in you.
  3. Speak words of blessing over others. Look for opportunities to bless those around you. Joy is found in being able to encourage other people. 
  4. Be the person people want to come visit. Let go of the little stuff, and make room in your heart and home to welcome others with the love of Christ in this busy season.

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