Positioning Your Heart for the New Year

Episode 50 | January 3, 2023

Episode 50

Today’s Episode

A new year comes with much to do, plan for, and be excited about. But, at the start of these 365 days, it’s important that we take time to position our hearts before the Lord. It’s easy to focus on all of the doing, but what if we focus on the beingbeing at the feet of Jesus and listening to what He has to say to us? When we spend time with Him, our serving and productivity will flow out of that time. 

In this episode, we’re looking at Mary and Martha’s encounter with Jesus in Luke 10:38-42. He called them to a place of discipleship and a posture of choosing quality time with Him as superior to being anxiously busy for Him. Jesus invited these two sisters, as he invites us, to a deeper communion with Him. He said that this is the better choice because time spent with Him can never be taken away. Don’t we want to be about the things that can never be taken away from us? 

We don’t know what the year ahead holds, the hard times and the good times, but the quality time we invest with Jesus today is treasure stored for tomorrow. At the end of these 365 days, I want to have stored up something special. I want Jesus to look at our livesour love for Him and for others, the time that we spend with Him and the time that we give to othersand say, “That is a treasure.” 

January is the perfect time to start a Bible study. Check out Kelly’s newest study, Ruth: Loss, Love & Legacy (video access included with study), and also her study, Encountering God, which is about spiritual disciplines–a great focus for the new year.

Scripture References

Matthew 6:33
Luke 10:38-42
John 11:4-5, 20-21, 28-29, 32
John 12:2–7

How Do We Cultivate This in Our Lives?

One way we can practically do this is by getting into Bible study at the top of the year! Whether it’s at your home church, in an online group, or with one of Kelly’s studies, now is the perfect time to start studying God’s Word.

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