When Healing Is Disruptive

Episode 54 | May 1, 2023

Episode 54

Today’s Episode

Today we’re looking at the liberating healing of Jesus, and how that healing can sometimes be disruptive. Be encouraged, if the healing Jesus is bringing you is uncomfortable or even painful, you’re on the right path. If we’re honest, we often want the healing touch of Christ, but we want it on our terms. In this episode, we’ll confront the ways our unhealthy habits keep us from the good work He wants to do in our lives. 

Are we willing to abandon our own plans and comforts so that He can fully lead and have authority in our lives? Will we offer up all areas of our lives so that He can most experience His abundant life? We’re going to challenge ourselves to answer these difficult questions and find true freedom in giving it all over to Jesus, the One who is worth our all. I hope this episode will encourage you to surrender more fully to Him.

Scripture References

Matthew 28:28-34
Luke 8:35-39

Episode Points

  1. We want to be better, but often we want to be better on our own terms.
  2. Our unhealthy habits are sometimes more comfortable than the healing Jesus wants to bring us.
  3. The healing Jesus brings is worth whatever loss, disruption or discomfort it may cause you.

Quote Kelly Mentions

“If we have to choose between a life we know, even a life possessed by demons and ruled by death, and a life of uncertainty to which Jesus calls us, a life that may well expose us to dangers in Jesus’s name, we too may ask Jesus to leave our neighborhood.” Stanley Hauerwas

How Do We Cultivate This in Our Lives?

Take some time to reflect on these questions after you read the passage and listen to the podcast:

  • Are you willing to fully surrender your comforts and desires so that Jesus can have His way in your life?
  • What are you holding back from the Lord? What are you holding onto that you need to lay down? 
  • What are you not picking up because you’re too full of your own agenda?
  • If the Lord has healed and liberated you, are you telling others what Jesus has done for you?

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