The Power of Forgiveness (And Why It’s So Hard)

Episode 55 | June 6, 2023

Episode 55

Today’s Episode

Today we’re talking about the power—and challenge—of forgiveness, and why it’s so essential. Unforgiveness causes division in our relationships, is a strategy of the enemy, and disrupts our intimacy with Christ. On the positive side, Jesus empowers us to forgive. He desires that we’re free from bitterness and anger, and loves reconciliation. Also, He is able to bring about justice.

If forgiveness is essential, why is it so hard? In this episode, we’ll examine three reasons that make it challenging, as well as several benefits. Ultimately we’ll discover that forgiving others isn’t only a gift to the person who hurt us, but it’s one of God’s gifts to us.

Scripture References

Matthew 6:9-15
Matthew 18:21-35
Ephesians 4:31-32


Episode Points

3 Reasons Why Forgiveness Is Essential

  1. It aids in reconciled relationships, which are very important to Jesus
  2. Unforgiveness is one of Satan’s schemes to divide and gain an advantage over us
  3. It’s a reflection of Christ Himself, as He first forgave us

3 Reasons Why Forgiveness Is So Hard

  1. Withholding forgiveness makes us feel in control
  2. We don’t trust God with the person who hurt us or the circumstances
  3. We don’t recognize our own need for forgiveness


Quote Kelly Mentions

“Indeed, it is precisely because he is a God of such compassion and mercy that he cannot possibly accept as his those devoid of compassion and mercy.” D.A. Carson

How Do We Cultivate This in Our Lives?

Take some time to reflect on these questions after you read the passage and listen to the podcast:

  • Is there someone in your life you need to forgive for wronging you?
  • Ask yourself – do you trust God with the circumstances or person who hurt you?
  • Are there relationships you can work toward repairing by offering or asking for forgiveness? 
  • If the Lord has forgiven you, are you freely offering that same forgiveness to others?

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