Cranford Series

by | Feb 8, 2010 | 3 comments

Okay, so has anyone caught the Cranford Series which originally aired on the BBC and most recently on Masterpiece Theatre? It is true I never thought that a) I would be doing anything even remotely close to writing a blog and b) if I were to do something like, say blog, I never thought it would include the words Masterpiece and Theatre. But, let me tell you, I have absolutely loved this series! (Based on the original book by Elizabeth Gaskill).

Now, if you are into faced paced, quick cuts, high intensity, this is not the mini-series for you. But if you are into exquisite writing, compelling acting and moving storylines you will love this. I so enjoyed slowing down and entering the simple but intensely profound and rich lives of the 1800’s. The language and vocabulary were stretching and the weaving of lives inspiring. Plus, the personalities and dynamics of the women are just too perfect. The whole thing made me want to drink more tea and maybe – just maybe – wear a bonnet at some point in my life.

Just thought I would share something that was – trying desperately to think of another word besides ‘wholesome’ – incredibly wholesome (ahhh, there’s just not another word), while not sacrificing storyline, plot or acting. Rent this series if you’re up for it!



  1. Holly G

    Ok, i have to say that i too am loving this series… kinda feel sad for Matty, but it's a really neat series. thanks for the recommendation! Plus it has actors that i recognize from the Pride and Prejudice movie with Keira Knightly!!! too coo!

  2. Jessica

    Cranford is so wonderful !!! There are more wonderful English dramas (with some humor added) to discover !!! I am personally on a lifelong quest 🙂

  3. Noelle

    Kelly – I loved Cranford when I first watched it and since then have been on the look out for new BBC dramas like this one. I found one called "Lark Rise to Candleford" and for a non-tv watcher have been quite hooked. 🙂

    This series has 3 seasons on DVD already and the 4th is scheduled for release in 2011. Also, if you enjoy Elizabeth Gaskill you will like North and South and Wives and Daughters, both also written by her.