Episode 1: Community Happens At Home

by Kelly Minter and Regina Pinto | A Place At The Table Podcast

Episode #1

In this introductory episode, Kelly and Regina talk about Brazilian traditions, all things beans and rice, and how to make cooking a priority in our fast-paced society.

Brazilian born and raised, Regina shares about where her love of cooking and community came from and how her upbringing in the kitchen showed her the importance of teaching the younger generation how to cook. Kelly also shares about God’s design and intention for food and its use and our role in bringing about a comfort and safety to our friends and family around the table.


The key highlights of this episode:

  • Cooking and sharing food around the table holds the power to bring a family together, to generate safe community, and to encourage gratitude for the gift of food.
  • God has a design for us to use his creation of food and longs for us to be thoughtful with it. (Genesis 1)
  • Regardless of your income or status in life, even the simplest meals made with love and care can make a difference in the lives of those around us.


Quotes from Kelly + Regina:

“You have to realize that all of the gifts come from God, and the gifts are not ours alone.” – Regina

“This is not just something that we need for physical nourishment. We need this for spiritual nourishment and for the nourishment of community.” – Kelly

“Community starts at home.” – Regina

“Our best gatherings happen around the table.” – Kelly



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