Episode 3: Gardening and Eating Seasonally

by Kelly Minter and Regina Pinto | A Place at the Table Podcast

Episode #3

Whether you have several vegetable gardens at home or if you haven’t grown a thing in your life, Kelly and Regina talk in this episode about the beauty and miracle of gardening and seeing plants grow, and how this growth points to our Creator and our dependency upon Him.

Along with that, Kelly and Regina highlight the significance of cooking and eating seasonally. They touch on what our role is in teaching the younger generations about gardening and seasonal eating, and how those go hand in hand with the cycles of life and anticipation in God’s creation.


The key highlights of this episode:

  • Beyond just the physical growth of a particular plant or food, gardening is a task that makes us more thankful for food and cooking, and it allows us to see God’s grace and goodness.
  • Each season has certain foods that are prime for that time of the year. This points us to Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 where we see God’s ordainment and importance of the seasons.
  • Pruning in a garden reflects God’s pruning work in our lives, with Jesus as our Vine and God the Father as our Gardener. (John 15)
  • Gardening can be a therapeutic act in a busy and connected society and gives us time of solitude and time alone with God.


Quotes from Kelly + Regina:

“Gardening and cooking really help me to be in awe of the Creator, and it shows me how dependent ultimately I am on the goodness of God.” – Kelly

“He does everything for good.” – Regina

“Everything has its time and seasons.” – Kelly


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