Episode #6: Beautifully Imperfect Food

by Kelly Minter and Regina Pinto | A Place at the Table Podcast

Episode #6

Kelly and Regina are joined today by food and photography stylist Teresa Blackburn, who was the stylist of the photographs found inside of A Place at the Table. As an artist herself, Teresa has an eye for beauty, detail, and uniqueness, especially when it comes to imperfection.

In this episode, Teresa highlights how imperfection around your table, in your home, and even in the food you make can provide a sense of comfort and ease to those you invite into your home. Teresa also shares how she likes to prepare for guests, particularly in how she uses meaningful items from around her house to set the table when she has guests over. Teresa’s hosting tips and tricks are key to a dinner party of any occasion!


The key highlights of this episode:

  • Imperfection is what makes life interesting. Your home, table, and meal does not need to look perfect when you have people over. It can actually be the imperfections that make your guests feel more comfortable.
  • Every item you have around your house holds a story, so whether you have a souvenir from your travels or a special family heirloom, it can be fun to use those items while setting your table or preparing your home for guests.
  • Have fun with arranging your house for guests! Everything doesn’t have to match, so go with what looks and feels right to you when arranging your home and your table.


Quotes from Kelly + Regina:

“Life is not perfect. Life is beautifully imperfect.” – Teresa

“It’s about creating a space of belonging.” – Kelly

“Each person has their own aesthetic.” – Teresa


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