Episode #8: Cooking As a Way of Serving Others

by Kelly Minter and Regina Pinto | A Place at the Table Podcast

Episode #8

In this final episode of Kelly and Regina’s A Place at the Table podcast, they touch on using our gifts and abilities for the sake of serving others and serving God. This act of service oftentimes can be as simple as inviting people into your home and allowing comfort and intimacy to make them feel loved.

Kelly also highlights Jesus’s illustration in Luke 14 when he chose to heal a man on the Sabbath rather than follow the rules of His day. What this represents for us, in today’s society, is that we need to keep people as most important, making it our goal to welcome in anyone who needs to feel the love of Christ.

The key highlights of this episode:

  • With many of Jesus’ ministry happening around the table at meals, He models for us that opening up our doors and inviting people in is a key means of showing Christ’s love to them.
  • People matter more than the food itself, the decorations, or how your home looks, so we can’t allow the desire for those elements to be “perfect” to hinder us from inviting people into our homes.
  • Barriers break down when people sit around a table. This is how community is built, intimacy occurs, and true friendship can begin.

Quotes from Kelly, Regina + Teresa:

“Cooking for others is ministry at its core.” – Kelly

“God gives us gifts, but not only for us alone, but to serve Him and to serve people.” – Regina

“The time spent with people is more important than anything.” – Regina

“There is something that happens that is softening to people’s hearts when they sit around a table.” – Kelly


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