Miracles In The Mundane

Episode 2 | March 29, 2021

Episode 2

“The miracle took place somewhere in the midst of the servant’s obedience”

Today’s Episode

We’re so glad you’re back for another episode of the Cultivate Podcast with Kelly Minter. Continuing to work our way down Kelly’s “Top Hits” of her favorite Scripture passages, today we’re getting dressed up and going to a wedding! Many of you are familiar with the story of Jesus turning water into wine, but Kelly will bring your attention to some overlooked characters who play a vital role in this joyous occasion. (No spoilers, though.)

The word obedience can feel joyless and stifling. We want its benefits and blessings without the effort or surrender. But in John 2 we’ll see that the ones who obeyed Jesus were the ones who discovered the secret—the Source of the wine. We’ll discover how powerful and important even then smallest and simplest acts of obedience and servanthood can be, as Kelly invites you into the story of John 2 and the ways it has impacted her personally. 

Scripture Reference:  

John 2:1-11 


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