Putting on the Character of Christ

Love, Peace, and Gratitude

Episode 26 | September 14, 2021

Episode 26

Today’s Episode

We’re tying up our series on the character of Christ with three crowning virtues: Love, peace, and gratitude. We’ll see that without love all the other virtues fall apart—love is what holds them all together. Peace is more than just a settled internal state of being. Paul longs for us to live in peace with one another because it’s part of what we’ve been called to. And, lastly, he reminds us to be thankful. A heart overflowing with thankfulness will naturally be a spring from which the virtues of Christ flow. 

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Scripture References

Colossians 3:12-15

1 John 4:7-11

Ephesians 2:14

Romans 12:18

I Thes 5:16-18

How do we Cultivate this in our lives? 

  • If we’re motivated to show the virtues so we can be known for our virtuous character, earn favor with God, or be better at managing our behavior, we’ve missed it. All of the virtues are bound together in love.
  • Have you thought of peace only as an inward, personal disposition? Or are you thinking of the broader community of believers—how you can play a part in helping peace be the umpire of our relationships?
  • Are you a thankful person? Be intentional about what you can thank God for, and also thank others for the ways they’ve contributed to your life.

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