Trusting Jesus with Everything

Episode 3 | April 6, 2021

Episode 3

“She sat at His feet in the good times, she fell at His feet in the hard times.”

Today’s Episode

Perhaps you’ve wondered how you can have a relationship with Jesus so intimate that you trust Him with all you hold dear. Today, we’ll trace Mary of Bethany’s story through the Gospels. She was the one who anointed Jesus’s body before His burial. She’s also the one who sat at His feet while her sister Martha worked in the kitchen. And she’s the one who lost her brother Lazarus when Jesus could have saved him.

The question for us is how did Mary get to the place where she was willing to trust Jesus with everything? What are you and I missing about the Savior that makes what we’re holding onto seem so powerful? What of our alabaster jars are we still clutching? In today’s episode we’ll ponder these questions as we reflect on Mary’s relationship with Jesus. When we see Him for who He truly is, we’ll want to give Him everything. Let’s follow Mary’s lead and spend time at the feet of The Teacher today.

Character Focus: Mary of Bethany

Scripture References:  

Mark 14:3

Luke 10:38-42

John 11:5-6

John 11:17-20

John 11:28-29

John 11:45
John 11:32

John 12:3

Reference to James 1:22

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