There is much joy in my heart as I type this header because – at least for a few minutes – I can take a breath. A few women came up to me at the LifeWay Women’s Forum this past weekend and asked what my next study is going to be on. I looked at them with glazed, almost twitching eyes. I wish I could have come up with something profound like, say, a study on Lamentations or the personality traits of Job’s friends, but alas, I am fresh out of ideas at the moment. At least for a few months I would like to enjoy the things I am still – and will continue – learning about the book of Ruth. In fact, one such nugget hit me just the other day and I found myself thinking, “How did I miss that?” I’ll save that thought for my next blog since I don’t seem to be one of those exceptional bloggers who can write about her couch with an audience of 20,000 pining for what she will write next (wish I was better at this).

In addition to the study, I am also exceptionally exited about the CD “Loss, Love & Legacy” that is accompanying “Ruth”. This is something I’ve never done before, but getting to make music about my favorite themes in the book of Ruth was exhilarating, as I have always found music to be. Producer Paul Moak did a remarkable job on this project. And the writers who helped me pen these songs blew me away as usual. I hope this record will be another colorful expression of some of the timeless truths and experiences tucked in the pages of Ruth; a soundtrack for your own journey.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to each one of you for the support you have shown me. I have loved hearing about your “No Other Gods” gatherings… all the way to the group of 50 year-old women who had a slumber party on their last night. This definitely surpassed anything I ever had in mind. Perhaps there will be similar stories from those who have room for a little “Ruth: Loss, Love & Legacy” in their lives – or any Bible study for that matter. Truly God’s word changes lives so just get in there one way or another. Lastly, the “Nog” girls and I have compiled some of our favorite recipes included in the Ruth study so get your cooking utensils out.

Thanks again. Can’t wait to hear about your encounters with Ruth, and more importantly, her God.