Guest Blog And A Few Other Things

by | Aug 12, 2010 | 8 comments

Just a quick note to let you know that I did a guest blog for @edstetzer ‘s Thursday is for Thinkers. Today I wrote about The Gospel versus Religious Mission. If you get a chance, check out what’s going on over there and leave a thought… or two. www.edstetzer.com

It has been a whirlwind summer as I’ve been finishing up a book on the virtues entitled The Fitting Room: Putting On The Character Of Christ. It will be out in April of 2011. I say all this to let you know why I have been terribly absent from the blog. What my excuse will be for the rest of the year, I have no idea. Social media is not my strong suit.

A HUGE thank you to Beth Moore and Living Proof Ministries for their enormous blessing of facilitating the Ruth study during the Summer Siesta Bible Study. I love Beth’s teaching and am grateful for real women who live with integrity and love Jesus passionately. You get all of this with Beth and her studies and live events. And, many, many thanks to all of you who participated, as well as for your kind comments. They have been a blessing.

Off to water the flowers. They are dying in this Nashville heat!!!!



  1. Twila Baker

    Hi Kelly,
    I wanted to say thanks again for the Ruth Study. I thanked you on Beth's blog too!
    I spoke to a friend this morning and we were talking about how much I enjoyed the Ruth study and about Rahab being Boaz's Mom and how awesome that news was to me. She being a great bible person said that she believed that Rahab's Husband Salmon was one of the spies that she hid for the Lord. I don't know if you have ever heard that, but I thought it was interesting. Can't wait for your next book!

  2. lisa

    I know I should be posting this where it relates to the study but not sure where to go. I am doing the study No Other Gods with a friend of mine and we are talking about it constantly! Just finished the session and day where Abraham offers Isaac and it definitely gave me a new perspective in offering something to Christ versus letting go. The song that came to mind was Whatever You're Doing by Sanctus Real. Thank you for your willingness to write these bible lessons that are touching so many women.

    • Kassi

      That’s way more clever than I was exepcting. Thanks!

  3. Pegggy G

    We are starting a Women's Sunday School class on Sept 12, 2010, and our study is Ruth: loss, love, & legacy. Please keep us in your prayers. San Jon United Methodist church and the study leaders are Peggy and Sharon. Please pray that God leads us through Ruth to ignite the fire within ourselves.

  4. Janice

    Kelly – My Women's Bible Study group will be finishing up the Ruth study Wed night Sept 7. I loved this study. It is very enlightening and refreshing. I hope you write more studies similiar to this one. We love the DVD based studies, but we also like to break away from that format and interact with each other. The Ruth study was great for interaction and discussion. I love the music and I incorporated that into the study as well. I really love your sense of humor and I am glad it shines through in your writing. I love the study of God's Word. Thank you for doing this one. And as God would have it we are doing the final week of study the week of Bama's season opener. Roll Tide to you and your Pop!! Blessings to you, Kelly.

  5. Lisa

    Just finished the No Other Gods study with 3 of the best friends that a girl could ever have. Wow wee! (Tennessee slang, feel free to use it.) God has been working! Without fail, our Sunday School, worship sermons, Wednesday bible study and Sunday evening worship sermons, have all been in line with this study. Us girls took a little trip to Lexington KY to a Beth Moore weekend, and guess what? Yes, Beth was teaching the same thing! We are all NOG's now and may (hopefully) never be the same. Us girls thought about getting matching NOG's tatoos while we were there. Just kidding, we will stick with the impression that it has left on our hearts.

  6. peggywright

    Kelly, I saw you live at Southeast Christian in Louisville this spring. We are studying Ruth with your study guide. Our ladies are into it. I am also doing a blog about our class and some of the thoughts coming out of the study. Would love for you to visit the site sometime. peggywright.wordpress.com. Thanks for being obedient and using your writing gift as well as your singing/songwriting gift. Also love the companion CD to Ruth. Great songs!

  7. Greta Lindsey

    Hi Kelly..I wanted to write and tell you what God is doing in our Ruth Study because it is so amazing. We are having our study in a little, hometown church. There are currently "33" Women attending…Some of these Women are church members, others are just Women who have heard of this study..We are a group of all ages, from the 20's to the Late 60's..The Wisdom, the Pain, the Laughter…it has been absolutely a Gift From God…I have the priviledge of leading this Study…But, it is so not me..God is so present..Lastnight, amidst the laughter and the tears…Someone said that it was like Amy Grant's song "Better than a Hallaujah"..I think God thought so too…Thank you for this Study..God is using it to touch a "room full" of wonderful women..