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by | May 15, 2012 | 7 comments

Summer is almost here, that lovely season when some of life’s chores begin to wind down over barbeques and underneath the sun’s warmth. For me, the joy of summer is slower days and lingering evenings, a time when you can breath deeply, hopefully taking some extra time to listen. And seek. And be still. And maybe even extend yourself.

Thinking about this makes me especially excited that Beth Moore will be highlighting the book of Nehemiah for her summer blog study this year. Beth is one of my all-time favorite Bible study teachers who I’ve been learning from since my college years. She’s authentic, remarkably funny, passionate, and a continual reflection of how Jesus loves and changes us. She’s just ridiculously fun and amazing.

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  • Do I have to do this study in a group, or can I do it alone? Either one. If you have a small group you’d like to gather together for this study, that’s ideal. But if you’d like to do it alone, that’s great too.

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A Note From Kelly About Writing Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break:
While studying the book of Nehemiah I loved how the book encouraged the process of rebuilding. Whether rebuilding a piece of our own life or the life of someone else, God’s heart for the sometimes messy process of rebuilding is what Nehemiah is all about. It’s an extraordinary story of what God can do with a compassionate heart that’s yielded to His heart of love and redemption for people everywhere – People God placed on Nehemiah’s heart, people He’s placed on your heart.

As a few of you know from my writing, God has done much to rebuild the broken places inside me while inviting me to be part of the restoration process in the lives of a few in my community, as well as those I’ve met in the Amazon jungles of Brazil. Never has life been this exhilarating, because when God calls us to tangibly love people it’s because He loves people, and studying Nehemiah reaffirmed this remarkable truth in me – A truth that will absolutely change our lives if we’ll believe it and get out there.

If you don’t already have summer Bible study plans, I’d love for you to come along for the Summer Siesta Bible Study Ride with our dearest Beth Moore…






  1. Christine Smith

    We have three studies ending just in time for this study and we’ll be joining you from the Womens Bible Cafe…bringing about 700+ women from around the world into the summer study with you. We’re so excited to watch God work as you and Kelly Minter lead us through Nehemiah.

    Thank you Beth and Kelly!

    Christine Smith on Twitter @LifeVerse

    • kelmint

      Christine, this is so awesome. Love the cultural diversity this is going to bring to the table. Amazing! Thanks for letting me know…

  2. Madelin

    Kelly –
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your studies. NOGS was my first study of yours and I have been hooked ever since. Kelly you are a wonderful writer, singer & chef. I LOVE your recipes having incorporated many into my regular meals rotation. It's hard to be creative & healthy with meal planning week after week. My all time fav is the chicken & bowtie pasta with sun dried tomato & feta. YUMMY!!! I've even modified it with spinach, artichokes & other seasonal veggies for variety. I didn't know that I even liked feta until I tried in your recipe. I didn't like goat cheese so I thought feta would be the same. Thanks for introducing me to feta and the WORD. 😉

    I look forward to Nehemiah ~ rebuilding, restoring, redeeming.
    Thank you Kelly and Beth.

  3. Roxanne Nanney

    Kelly, Our Summer Bible Study group just started "Nehemiah" tonight. A yummy gathering with lots of excitement about what we'll learn together. Thanks.

  4. @FiveRedRoses

    I have been waiting for a good opputunity to do this Bible Study so fun to share the experience with many other.

  5. Peggy Clark

    Kelly, just finished our Nehemiah study last night. We are a group from Mountain View, AR, and we had 6 women in our group. LOVED the study, and LOVE how you write. Really enjoy your personal experiences and people interspersed in the study.

    Probably best thing I got out of study was "Pray and Plan." Easy to do either, but to do them together is so KEY for me. Has helped me make some tough decisions about my work situation.

    Hope to get to Mashmille and run into you. Thanks, Peggy Clark

  6. Janna Beth Hunt

    Just started Nehemiah's study tonight! It was rich with conversation and realness. Thank you for pouring your heart into such time and devotion for women like me to have a study like this! Blessings to you today!!!!!!!

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