Living Proof!

by | Sep 10, 2012 | 30 comments

Our Winners for the Beth Moore Simulcast Giveaway were Midge and Mary Ann! Thank you all for your encouraging posts. He really does redeem lives. He really does rebuild and renew us. So thankful for our graceful and merciful God!

Hi Everyone,

In case you were wondering who got the Olympic medal for world’s worst blogger this summer, I took home the gold. It was a proud moment. But I’m back with great news about this Saturday, September 15th. You may have heard that one of my all-time favorite bible teachers, Beth Moore, has a simulcast on this day, but you might not have realized that you can be part of this special event in your own living room, on your porch, in your pajamas, eating sugary muffins or bagels with cream cheese. Yes! If you want to involve your friends, which I highly recommend, you can invite them over, or better yet invite yourself over to their house if they have a cushier couch, or stronger coffee. You get the idea. HERE IS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO MAKE THIS A REALITY! (PS – I know college football is on, but this is a perfect time for TiVo, or just remind yourself that there will be college football games on every fall Saturday for as long as America endures. What Beth is going to share will only happen once.)

Listen, I’m urging you to tune in this Saturday because I believe Beth’s specific message will have a profound effect on your everyday reality. She’s touching on an issue every single one of us deals with, something that keeps us from living the full life Jesus came for us to enjoy. Also, I happen to be passionate about her teaching, because her teaching of the Word has literally changed my life – or in keeping with the name of her ministry, you could say I am Living Proof of what God has done. If I could distill the intricate, sometimes agonizingly slow, changes God has worked in my heart, I would say I am living proof of God’s love because He has healed an extraordinarily anxious, even angry, soul into one of peace and greater wholeness. I have by no means arrived – not even close – but the profound transformation that’s taken place in my being could have been accomplished by none other than Jesus Himself.

So… here’s what I’m thinking we should do: Comment on how you are Living Proof of God’s love. This is a great exercise because it forces you to reflect on what God has done in your life, and it encourages others in their journey. Also, we just so happen to have TWO FREE simulcast registrations to give away, and we’ll randomly draw those from those who comment. (We’ll do this Wed at noon, so be sure to get your comments in before then.)

I know there are so many events to attend at this time of year. I’m actually speaking in Portland, TN on Saturday and will love being with the women who will be there! But if you don’t have any other in-the-Word commitments this weekend, I can’t encourage you enough to hear Beth’s heart, no matter what your knowledge of the Bible or even the Christian faith. There are NO prerequisites necessary. You won’t want to miss this, I just know it.

September Blessings,






  1. Megan Daughdrill

    I am living proof of God’s love because he gave me life when the doctors said there was no chance. He has saved me from myself several times when life became too much, and all I wanted was to die. He is currently helping me to fight my way out of the pit, persay, of a 6 year battle with anorexia and a 2 year battle with selfharm. God’s grace is sufficient for you, and for me. He is perfect love, and I am standing on that truth, today and forever. He saved me from my sin, and continues to pursue me even when I try and run. God is good.

  2. Nan

    Kelly, thanks for the opportunity to win and to share. I'm living proof of God's love because no matter what I did when I was younger, when I asked for forgiveness, He granted it freely and He never looked back. I was able to put a less-than-stellar life behind when I came back to the church over three years ago. Since that time, I've gone from walking around with a heart full of shame and guilt to a heart overflowing with God's love and grace!

  3. Tammy

    I am living proof of God’s love because I experience peace in times of trials. I am able to give grace when it is not always easy.

  4. Libbi

    i am living proof of God's love in that despite the abuse of my childhood, I am an active, God-loving, positive person that shares His love, freedom, hope etc with others. For the most part 🙂 I walk in freedom and am blown away when I think of how I could be! To God be the glory!!

  5. Sharon Weldon

    I am Living Proof of Gods Love for me because all of my 60 yrs. God has protected me from me. ie: bad decisions, doing my own thing, walking worldly. The trouble I could have had if God had not had my back.

  6. Ashley

    I am living proof of God’s love because I am NEW, I am loved, I am growing…and for me, undeniable proof of His love is my ability to forgive and to be forgiven.

    People hurt us. People who are supposed to lift us and support us damage and defile us…in many different ways {I’m sure we can all insert out pain here…______.} For a very long time, I felt more than justified to not forgive those who wounded me. “Surely God understands that I hate them and that’s ok.” Wrong again. Matthew 18 reminds us, “’…how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?’ Jesus answered, ‘I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.’” {verses 21-22.} How’s that for a knee dropper? Not only are we to forgive, but we are to forgive continually. When we learn to forgive and learn how to ue our pain for God’s glory, then sisters, then do we begin to “get” it.

    I have also lived a life {as I’m sure many of us have} f-u-l-l of mistakes. I have done things absolutely despicable to the Lord and directly opposed to His Word and his commandments. If I receive what I deserve, I am dammed. For me, accepting forgiveness was much more difficult than learning to forgive. {Insert good news here:} Christ came, Christ paid the price, Christ settled my debt…and I accepted. I am forgiven I am free. I now hunger to live a life that is pleasing to Him, a life that shouts my story from the hilltops to lift His glory.

    For me, forgiveness {both given and received} is a reason I can say, “I AM Living Proof!”

  7. Holly B

    What an awesome giveaway!! I am actually already registered – but I'd love love love to win this for a friend of mine to attend from home. And I haven't blogged since March – no worries.

  8. Diane

    Does the first one to comment EVER win? 🙂 I am living proof daily of God's love. Two abortions; a mother ending the life of her own child, not once but twice, and I felt condemning despair and hopelessness. BUT GOD, lifter of my head, forgave, LOVED and encouraged me. I will never be the same. I am loved. I am his daughter.

  9. Lisa G

    Hi, Kelly!!
    I am LIVING PROOF of God’s love because I am ALIVE!! He has been my sustainer, my provider, my comforter through all of the struggles of this life. He extends His loving GRACE to me in abundance each and every day. 🙂
    Thanks so much for a chance to watch the simulcast!

  10. Laura Scrivener

    I’m living proof that God loves me. Through a family member passing awaway, through a broken marriage, through selfish addictions God has shown me love through many people. I have learned that I am comforted, forgiven, loved and free. I know He loves me because He helped me through it all and I can live each day accepting the love He offers each day. He gives me strength. My marriage is healed. My heart is hungry for God.

  11. meg lyons

    each and every day i get a fresh start to live, love and nurture my family with the grace and tenderness of our Father. I am so grateful!!!

  12. Midge Edmond

    Oh I so want to participate but just can’t swing it financially! Would love to win one of the prizes! Live both of you ladies and the blessing of your teachings!!

    Midge Edmond

  13. Annette

    I am Living Proof that God can use someone who does not know where she is going but knows that she is one of God's Beloved daughters.

  14. Tina

    I'm living proof of God's Love? ME? Really? well, the fact that I can be assured by God that this is true, because I can have no hesitation and because I can show the world that God loves this non-traditional, Bible studying, Jesus loving, faith filled believer of all good things from Him…. well that is surely proof enough. {and thankya Lord!} Fingers crossed, I'd love to win! Thanks for the opportunity Kelly!

  15. Rachelle

    I am living proof of God's love because he is so good to me even though I don't deserve it. Over the past year he has sent me the verse Zephaniah 3:17 dozens of times, in studies, cd messages, e-mails, devotionals, etc., to let me know how much he loves me. It has been absolutely amazing and I have shared it with people over and over. I am totally unworthy of his love, but he loves me anyway.

  16. Megan S.

    I’m Living Proof that God has bestowed His grace on me. If not for Him, I would be swimming in the same pit my extended family is in. Also, He alone has healed my heart from childhood abuse, has healed my husband from cancer twice and has blessed me with five beautiful babies!

  17. Mary Ann Randall

    God spoke to me when I was 20 years old about the call He had placed on my life. I did not see the immediate results of that and I made some stupid decisions and have dealt with alot of pride but 3 years ago he reaffirmed His call and I am now beginning a speaking/teaching ministry under the power of His Spirit! Thank you God for your amazing love!

  18. Karen

    I know I’m living proof of God’s love, because throughout all of life’s seasons-the GREAT and the HORRIBLE, I can say that my life is good, because He’s always been faithful-even when I haven’t been faithful to Him. My life is good and it’s only because of Jesus. You can have everything else, just give me Jesus!

  19. Abby

    I am Living Proof because I am a better me today then I was yesterday. God is continuely refining me. Even in the midst of a present trial, I am thankful for right where God has me.

  20. Melissa Shirley

    I am living proof of God's love because I almost died 3 years ago when my body stopped making all hormones. He found me Dr Hotze and they believed me (after going to 3 that said I was just depressed) and now I am living again! I couldn't walk 15 feet before. I am a PE teacher and am use to alot of energy. God gave me my life back! Thank you for your teaching ministry! Love your studies!

  21. Julie Anderson

    Hey Kelly, Katie just posted this on facebook and I actually HAVE internet access right at the moment… so I thought I would come by and read your blog. I think I might have the worst blog moment this summer… since we moved to Asia and I don't have much internet access, should change by Saturday… we are hoping to get it all fixed, squared away, but then again, it is asia, and who knows! I am living proof because He can use Me even over here in Asia. That blows my mind. I am humbled and grateful and it puts me on my knees that if he can use a huge sinner like me that he WANTS to use us all. I am so thankful that I have the privilege of doing this full time. If your schedule ever allows you should come visit. I keep telling Katie and Megan too as well… just a thought 🙂 Have a great day Kelly and I am waiting for your Nehemiah study to come out on kindle, so that I can do it… 🙂 hugs julie

  22. Brittany

    I am living proof of God’s love because he rescued me out of the pattern of addiction and violence in my family.

  23. kimhavens

    Hey Kelly- I'm fully immersed in the Nehemiah study right now- loving it, and I am living proof that God's steadfast love graciously follows us, even as we get distracted by other things. For the past 20 years I have faithfully attended church, watched my language, and limited my viewing of rated R movies. I have been diligent in marking x's on the Christianity checklist. Over the past 2 years, however, God has wrecked my soul and made me realize how far from Him I have been. He has transformed my thinking, and more importantly, my heart in regards to the Gospel. I am so incredibly thankful that He is patient where I am not.
    Thank you for your ministry! God is using you to make His name great, and really…..isn't that what we are here for? 🙂

  24. Judy

    I am LIVING PROOF of GOD's LOVE – in that in the midst of a very challenging year, He has kept me close to Himself and caused me to have peace. He has enabled me not to doubt His great love, even when circumstances would shout a contrary message. Praise Him!

  25. Callie

    I am living proof of God’s love as He continually provides for my family in ways that don’t make sense mathamatically. I don’t know how He does it, but I’m thankful.

  26. Callie

    I am Living Proof of God's love as He continually provides for my family in ways that don't make sense mathematically. So grateful for His continual care.

  27. Tracey M.

    I am living proof because no matter what sort of iniquity, what sort of abominations, what sort of atrocities I did, He was ALWAYS there for me…waiting for me to repent and return to Him….which I did finally giving myself over to the wonderful Creator! Oh how I wish I had known what blessings were awaiting me all that time I thought I knew what I was doing! Love, love, love Beth Moore's teachings as well! Am currently doing her James study and loving it….she is such an animated teacher!

  28. moxiemountainmom

    I am living proof of God's love because I keep waking up and trying again. I've fallen well short of perfection. God's love keeps me encouraged and renewed to continuously persevere.

  29. Elvira

    I am living proof of what "only God can do." He, mercifully, gracefully, and lovingly lifted me out of the pit I lived in for over 40 years – pretending all was well – married, raising 3 daugthers, and living as though God didn't exist. Being prideful, hostile, jugmental, controling, etc, etc, were traits developed out of a childhood of poverty and sexual abuse. Our God is awesome and meets us right where we are – it's sad many of us think we have to be ready for God to love us and accept us – feelings of unworthiness keeps us from taking His hand and allowing Him to change us from the inside out into the new creature He created us to be! I love Jesus with all my being for what he did for me! He taught me to love myself! I praise Him every day, and I live every moment in awe of who He is!

  30. Christy

    Hey Kelly, just started Nehemiah study and was reading about your canning tomatoes. I too can tomatoes and from everything that I have read about canning you must can tomatoes in a water bath, NOT a pressure canner. It has something to do with the acidity!! Good luck and keep writing and inspiring. Blessings, Christy B