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by | Jul 9, 2014 | 8 comments

WTRR_FLAT_STICKERI’m so excited to finally be able to share about a book I’ve been working on for the past two years. It’s called Wherever The River Runs: How A Forgotten People Renewed My Hope In The Gospel. As many of you know I’ve traveled down Brazil’s Amazon jungle on a river boat–sleeping in a hammock–many times over the past few years. I’ve written about some of my experiences in my Ruth and Nehemiah Bible Studies, but this book has allowed me the chance to tell the whole story of the life change I’ve experienced in one of the most captivating places on earth: The Amazon River.

I’m excited about this book for two simple reasons: One is about style and the other content.

1. This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to write in a narrative, memoir style for the length of a project. I’ve been able to do a little of this here and there over the years but have never had the challenge of writing a story with dialogue, arc and a bit of character development. I have no idea if I did it well, but I enjoyed the endless hours on the learning curve. For those of you writers I benefited a great deal from reading books on writing such as One Writing Well by William Zinsser and Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark. The writing was a challenge, and may I say that my wonderful editor wasn’t afraid to cut thousands of words at a time if they didn’t move the story forward. So that was fun. In the end, you all have been such an encouraging audience for me and I’m thrilled to put something in your hands that feels both fresh and vulnerable.

2. Ever since my first visit to the Amazon jungle its forgotten people have captivated me. God has used them to break my heart, purify it, quicken my conscience, convict, renew, transform and challenge me. I’ve discovered that no matter where in the world you go–as close as next door–when you lay your life down for your neighbor, God changes you.

I appreciate each of you so much. I feel so incredibly supported and love the privilege of meeting many of you on the road and also through the written word. My prayer is that Wherever The River Runs will be just the adventure you’ve been longing for. The one that doesn’t require a trip down the Amazon River in a boat, only the one God is tugging your heart toward.

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  1. Melissa

    Congratulations on completing this new project! I’ve enjoyed your bible studies and look forward to reading your book. A job well done 🙂

    • Kelly Minter

      Thanks Melissa. It’s been a long time coming and am so excited to be this close to a release date. Thanks for your support!

  2. Lena Hefner

    Congratulations Kelly, I loved all your bible studies and look forward to this book. I sure hope you be working on a new bible study soon. I can’t which one was favorite, because I loved them all.

  3. Jaime

    I look forward to reading this book. I have done your bible studies Nehemiah and Ruth and I really enjoyed them. I will be starting No Other Gods this fall. I can’t tell you how much the study of Ruth opened my eyes!!! That was probably one of my favorites I’ve taken part in.

  4. Con Schafman

    You’re the real deal~! I love your writing. I learn! I have had the amazing privilege of serving through leadership some very dear women. Your studies are amazing tools to draw women closer to Jesus and each other. Women have branched out and tasted the Word, (some new recipes!) and even how sweet fellowship can be! I have lead women through No Other Gods, Ruth, and Nehemiah. I also used the Fitting Room as a reference for a speaking opportunity I taught about BEING CHOSEN. I loved that experience. Thanks for being a part of my growth in serving others and in God’s Word. I consider you a kindred sis! Thanks, Kelly!

    • Con Schafman

      Did I mention your blog also encourages me as well!? LOL!

  5. Kay

    I am so ready for your book to arrive! I love your studies !
    Thank you !!!

  6. Lindsay

    I’m reading the book right now, Kelly, and daydreaming. I love Brazil and its people. I’ve only been twice (both times for 2 weeks to NE Brazil, to serve alongside long-term missionaries in a tribe). I would love to do a trip with Justice and Mercy to the Amazon. Hopefully someday! The book, and your writing, is excellent. I’m only on page 57, but God is using it to further stir my heart and increase my passion for the global church, for knowing the poor, for entering into others’ stories, etc. Thank you. This book is a gift.