My brother visiting me this weekend

This is a thrilling day here in Nashville, TN. Please read this slowly: It is snowing! And when I say snowing I do not mean a dusting, sleet, ice, flakes that don’t stick, frost, or the anticipation of snow. I actually mean snow. Real individual flakes that are falling en masse to a surface that is currently somewhere below freezing. I have been waiting for this day in Nashville for years.


A view from my front porch

After moving from the north almost nine years ago I am willing to trade fried pickles, sweet tea, even extremely friendly people with accents for this magical powder. It is truly one of my favorite expressions in all of creation. Thank you God for dreaming this one up and letting it fall in the south today. Anyone else getting snow?

Also, thanks again for helping answer the questions on my last blog. I would love to still here from you if you have the chance. Off to stand out in the snow (did I mention it’s snowing here?) to grill some steaks for my favorite friends and my favorite brother and my favorite sister in-law. This is a good day.