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by | Jun 22, 2012 | 11 comments

I’m back from the Amazon and so grateful for all of your prayers. It was an amazing trip as always. Though each trip is different I’m convinced that anytime we avail ourselves to those in need – and receive from them what we ourselves desperately lack – we are blessed. We were able to build a very large chicken coop for a village that desperately needed a sustainable food supply. And when I say “we” built a chicken coop, what I mean is that skilled people from Brazil and our team built it and I cheered them on from my hammock while sipping out of a chilled coconut. This may have happened once.

My hope is to write a book about how God has transformed my perception of the American Jungle we all navigate by visiting the one in Brazil, so I’ll save my stories for later. In the meantime, I want to highlight a couple unique opportunities for online Bible study this summer. Many of you already know that Beth Moore is taking her online community (open to anyone) through a study I wrote called Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break (details here). This begins Tues, June 26th on her blog. I love Beth’s heart and teaching so much I can barely take it, so this is an enormous blessing to me and I pray it is for you.

In other fun news (if slaying false gods is fun), I found out that Kelly Hancock from the blog Faithful Provisions will be leading her online community through my very first study called No Other Gods: Confronting Our Modern Day Idols (June 25-Aug 20). Kelly H. will do blog posts every Monday beginning on June 25 as well as live Facebook chats on Tuesdays. You can find more specific details here. This study is deeply personal to me since I wrote it during a difficult season of having to let go of what was taking the place of a vibrant relationship with Christ. Though quite painful (seriously kinda tough), the freedom, joy and fullness of His Presence has far exceeded anything I had to part with – there is no comparison. If you’re struggling with peace, joy or freedom, it’s possible that you’ve sold out a piece of yourself to someone or something other than Christ. If this is you, Kelly Hancock’s online group might be a help and encouragement. Regardless of your summer plans, check out her blog which has tons of practical advice on shopping, saving and budgeting. You’ll see why so many people follow her site religiously.

There are so many other studies to pick up this summer. My dear friend Lisa Harper just released a study on the book of Malachi. She happens to be one of my favorite people, and she brings me tomatoes from her garden so you can’t go wrong here. Another one of my favorites, Angela Thomas, has a great study out called Brave. Priscilla Shirer has several, most recently a study on Jonah. Tammie Head recently released her first study called Duty or Delight and I hear it’s great. Currently I’m going through Beth Moore’s study on James, and I’m loving it. There are so many to choose from. My encouragement this summer is to get into Scripture one way or another, simply because it contains words of life. And who doesn’t need some life?

Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts about your summer study plans. I’d love to hear from you. Also, if any of you have any garden advice for sprawling tomatoes plants that are threatening to take over what I used to refer to as “my” backyard, please let me know.

***Ordering information for Nehemiah or No Other Gods. (If ordering the NOG study make sure you choose the one that says “study”).



  1. SmellingCoffee

    Hi Kelly. My name is Jennifer Walker, and I moved from Nashville to Cleveland, MS two years ago. My husband is a Minister of Ed at FBC, and our Women's Summer Bible Study this year is your "No Other Gods." We start tomorrow night, and we're so excited! I'm beginning week four of the study and have loved every lesson. God has used it to speak to some deep things in my life, and I have found freedom in some areas that I didn't even realize were bondage.

    Thank you for your transparency (and your recipes – haha). May God continue to use and bless you as He glorifies Himself in and thorough your life~


  2. Christine

    Kelly, I'm on Session 3, Day 4 and had to stop in the midst of reading to tell you how much Nehemiah is on my heart and affecting my life. I'm in the 11th hour of a domestic adoption with my new son to be born July 9th. I just received over $10,000 in additional medical bills and that may be the beginning! With the enemy tugging at my pursestrings and making me second guess what we have done, and wanting to want to walk away; I'm so encouraged to be able to recognize that this is the enemy working against me. He hates adoptions and is doing everything in his power to make my go awry.
    Thank you for such a timely study. I didn't know it would be so relevant in our lives. Everyday, our adoption situation changes…and everyday His Word and your study help me open my eyes to what Satan is trying to do to us. Please say a little prayer for us!

    • kelmint

      Christine, I can't tell you what a blessing this is to me. I'm so glad that God is speaking into your adoption process through the book of Nehemiah. Keep me posted as you persevere toward bringing home this precious son!

  3. Paula

    I just did the first day of Nehemiah this morning and what you said in your intro about people who bring spice into our lives really touched me. I emailed several of my study/prayer buddies and shared it with them and quoted Matthew 5:13 and asked them for their thoughts on the saltiness of our lives. (I'm doing Nehemiah as part of Beth Moore's blog community.) My husband and I are also hosting a 6 week study that includes 4 other couples. The 10 of us get together every Tuesday (2 down and 4 to go) and have a light meal and fellowship then watch a DVD from Kyle Idleman's "Not a Fan" and discuss the DVD and what we have been writing in our Follower's Journals. I did Beth Moore's James early this year. It's amazing. I'm still memorizing but I'm almost finished with chapter 4 and I plan to be finished memorizing the book by the end of July. If you have time, do the memorization. It has changed my life.

  4. Lindsay

    Kelly, I'm glad to hear that your latest trip to the Amazon went well and that the team was able to get a chicken coop built. Oooh, I SO know the beauty of sipping a green coconut from a hammock after a long, hot day of work. I just got back on Friday from Brazil (my 2nd trip to an Indian tribe in the interior, but not in the Amazon). It's been fun to read about your adventures through twitter and this blog. p.s. I'll be leading a group of college-aged and young career women through the Nehemiah study soon. I'm excited to lead a study from my house, instead of the church, for the first time. We're going to make the recipes, eat, talk, and then watch the videos and discuss homework. I've heard that your sessions show footage from Brazil. Aaaahhhh, I can't wait! 🙂

  5. Casey

    Doing the study and just watched the first set of video's and I nearly boohooed through the entire thing. I have been to Brazil with AMOR ministries and can't wait to get back there. Our church built a church there. Seeing you talk with Gloria takes me back to everyone and everything there. Love it!

  6. Julie

    Kelly – about the bones in Chicken Soup: Remove the bones before cooking the soup and put them in a Soup Sock (google that phrase) then put the Soup Sock in the soup. That way you get all the nutrients from the bones, and none of the icky stuff – you just remove the Soup Sock before serving. 🙂
    Enjoying the study!

  7. Dora

    Kelly, I am loving the Nehemiah study. I am so glad to "discover" your Bible studies. I can't wait to go get Ruth and No Other Gods. I love your personality — it shines through in your writing.

  8. Caroline

    Kelly, I just finished your Nehemiah study with Beth Moore (summer siestas). I can't say how awesome I thought your study was. I have a very chaotic schedule due to a newborn, husband who works swing shift, and picking up several work hours myself every month. I have had a lot of difficulty meeting with other women, because of this irregularity. So, when Beth offered a study online, I gathered five other women with similar scheduling issues and meet them via Google+ every couple of weeks. We're actually meeting over three different times zones. Since your study has only a small video attached to it, we can spend our time in discussion. Watching a video together isn't possible. Thank you so much for writing this curriculum and not including a 1-2 hour video with each session. I can't wait to do another one of your studies and to continue meeting with these women, no matter what time zone we live in.

  9. home tutor

    I am loving the Nehemiah study. I am so glad to "discover" your Bible studies.

  10. SingingDelia

    We just finished Nehemiah. It was awesome. I just had to share with you that we "built a wall" in our classroom with meaningful quotes and scriptures that we gleaned from the study.

    I would love to show it to you but can't figure out how to attach a picture, or if it's even possible. At any rate, we took pieces of paper and built the wall with multiple "blocks" each week. It was really awesome to see the many things that spoke to the women as we studied Nehemiah.

    Thanks Kelly for your insight and dedication to the study of God's word.